Our Charter

• We believe that hypnotherapy, properly used, is the most powerful method yet developed to draw upon the great subconscious resources of every person to enable them to live fuller, happier, more successful lives.

• Our “In-depth” hypnotherapy is a serious and pragmatic approach to human problems and the complexity of the human mind. It does not focus on superficial techniques or market gimmicks that are trivial and lack demonstrable results to justify claims for their effectiveness.

• We are deeply committed to developing the full potential of every student as a clinical hypnotherapist. The course teaches the student about the deeper nature and resources of human beings and is designed to enable the student to help others discover more of their potential for real happiness and fulfilment in life.

• A therapist that lacks ability to demonstrate success in the methods s/he is purporting to teach to clients is highly unlikely to succeed in helping the client to any level above that of the placebo, therefore our training is highly pragmatic in teaching students to use hypnosis effectively for themselves.

• We believe that each therapist must undertake a substantial level of self-awareness and self-development to be an effective therapist. This personal work of the therapist is in addition to their formal study in the classroom setting.

• Research has continually shown that the therapeutic relationship is an overwhelmingly important factor in the outcome of therapy.  The therapeutic relationship is based on fundamentals such as respect, ultimate equality and that the rights of the client should occupy the majority of the therapist’s attention in the interactions of therapy.  Specific core qualities of the effective therapist are vitally important in the therapeutic relationship and are taught comprehensively in our training.

• Our approach to therapy is flexible and adaptive to the needs of the client and does not hold to dogmatic unproven theories about the nature of the human mind and the origins of problems to which the client is expected to subscribe and conform.

• Our teaching materials have been developed over many years and have been selected for maximum relevance and effectiveness. Our teaching methods are practical, interactive and designed to maximise your competence as a therapist. Our teachers have undertaken many years of study and acquired much clinical experience to become outstanding therapists and teachers. Our purpose is to disseminate the knowledge and the skills of classical and in-depth analytical hypnotherapy so that you can become the best therapist you can be.


One response

  1. Hi I’m in real need of your help please iv been suffering from anxiety episodes while driving and it is getting worse I have tried CBT and all the breathing techniques but it won’t leave me I’m driving 20 years I was a good confident driver and loved it now I hate it so sad I’m a mum of 3 children from 17 yrs to 14 yes and 9we have a busy house with sports and all other activities I’m limited if I have to use a motor way or some ordinary roads I can’t do those trips so my husband will have to take time of work to do them and he is struggling to understand my fear so am I .Ineed help and I think hypnosis is something I like to try if you can contact me I really would appreciate it thank you for your time .
    Ger Benson


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