ONLY ON 3: Hypnotherapy for athletics to academics, a growing trend for parents

hdr_brandingCHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) –

ABSTRACT: A growing trend has parents hypnotizing their kids to do better in sports and in the classroom.

It’s called “hypno-parenting” and those parents say it works! Some local parents swear by it, saying hypnosis therapy has really helped their child overcome big fears they thought they’d never get over.

This practice has it’s critics too, therapists say it’s not be for everyone.

“The word hypnosis is kind of creepy and I would be the first person to say yea no,” said parent Salida Brooks.

Local mom Salida Brooks says she was scared of hypnotherapy practices at first, but willing to try anything to get over her long time fear of going to the dentist.

” There’s stuff that we store in our deeper mind that we don’t always know that we have in there,” said Brooks.

After a few sessions of “reworking” her subconscious mind, Brooks found a new perspective.

” It was a completely different experience, I was asking them what they were doing and was not nervous at all and watched them on the video camera with things and it was very different,” said Brooks.

She later tried the therapy with her 7-year- old daughter who’s also afraid of the dentist.

” We were in a little private area and so I used some of the techniques I know from my training,” said Brooks. ” Within 10 minutes, I had a completely different child.”

Leah had several teeth pulled that day with no problems.

” She walked back there by herself and said ‘bye mommy’ and put the mask on and she was fine and has been fine every since,” said Brooks.


Competitive cheerleader Kendall Kukta tells Channel 3, she tried hypnosis as a last resort. 13794142_G

” It definitely wasn’t what I expected, it felt like it made you feel really good,” said Kendall Kukta, 14-years-old. “Other than helping you through being scared or whatever you’re going through…It helps you just really feel good about yourself.”

Kukta was unable to tumble on her own after a bad fall. She feared she’d be kicked off the team after years of private lessons and no luck.

Three hypnosis sessions later, she’s made the High School squad.

” I think it made me believe in myself a little bit more and be able to visualize myself doing it so that I can do it,” said Kukta.

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