HTI: Clinical Hypnotherapy: 18 – 23 September 2017

hti-logoHTI: Clinical Hypnotherapy – #htiCH

Learn to apply dynamic interactive strategies to achieve therapeutic effects by using hypnosis effectively to access the client’s subconscious, emotional, non-logical activities of mind.  You learn to become a highly effective therapist by developing your personal power with hypnosis.  You study the art of applying hypnosis in a wide variety of clinical settings to a vast array of problems. The use of in-depth hypnosis provides a rapid and powerfully effective method to address personal problems, psychosomatic illnesses, stress problems and to achieve personal development, performance enhancement and personal goals.

As a successful hypnotherapist you will see a very wide range of clients, many with problems and conditions that have been developing for a long time and have deep roots in the client’s subconscious processes.  You need to be able to penetrate to the core of these problems with the client and create resolution. clinical-hypnotherapy-300x227

The teaching programme incorporates skills necessary to practice hypnotherapy at a high level of proficiency and avoid common causes of failures in therapy including inadequate or incorrect assessment of problems, lack of effective skills and lack of knowledge of how to apply them with very different clients.

Next Course: 18 -23 September 2017
Cost includes course materials – £695.00

For further details visit:


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