Josie Gibson had hypnotherapy on The Jump

Josie Gibson needed to see a therapist while she was on ‘The Jump’ because she was battling with psychological issues

Josie Gibson had to have hypnotherapy while she was on ‘The Jump’. 69e36f53e050a0bf8381eed23e4689ed100d5254.jpg

The 32-year-old television personality became the first celebrity to be given the boot from the winter sports show after she refused to take part in the jump off two weeks ago but she has admitted, although people questioned her technique, she was battling psychological problems that meant she didn’t feel capable in her own ability.

Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ on Thursday (16.02.17), she said: “I had to have hypnotherapy. I didn’t realise that when I went, I thought ‘I’ll smash this’ but I went down first of all and the butterflies just went through me. I fell backwards and that knocked my confidence, so I phoned this therapist and said ‘Look I’ve got to get off this jump I’ve signed up for a TV programme and I can’t do it.’ ”

Josie later realised that a trauma she experienced as a child was actually wreaking havoc with her mental state and she couldn’t erase if from her memory on the slopes.

She explained on the chat show: “I jumped from one container onto a stable roof and it all fell through. I had fibre glass in my skin for a week and it was red ants and stinging nettles and that’s why I was afraid to jump.”

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