Upcoming HTI Training: Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy: 6-11 February 2017

Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (AAH)

Our Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy course teaches you many specialised skills for dealing with the subconscious, non-rational processes involved in emotional and behavioural problems without committing to years of often ineffectual talk-therapy. This course teaches you to deal with emotional problems, deeply rooted in the past – by therapeutic understanding and changing the responses to the causes of these problems, the client can become free of them and implement new patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  This course teaches methods far more advanced and comprehensive than old forms of hypnoanalysis based on early psychoanalytical models of human personality.

Major topics in Course AAH include:

  • advanced-analytical-hypnotherapyAdvanced Analytical Hypnotherapy, including full specialist training in Transforming TherapyTM
  • Making therapeutic decisions, selection of methods and matching strategies to client’s needs
  • Understanding the dynamics of therapeutic change, developing commitment and readiness for change
  • Advanced hypnotherapy for enhancing creativity and performance in many fields
  • Development of a successful comprehensive hypnotherapy practice, including ethical and legal issues
  • Certificate of Attendance given to students attending the course.

Further details and booking information available at:




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