Mother, under self-hypnosis, gives birth to son a wee fast


By Rachel Sauer
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Miranda Rice Richardson was ready.

She’d waddled through her fourth wedding anniversary the day before, she’d eaten spicy food, she’d done everything she could think of to convince her small passenger to make an appearance.

So, she woke up at 7 a.m. April 15 feeling ready. Maybe not as ready as she ended up being, but still: It was time. And she woke to a contraction.

For the previous seven weeks, she’d driven to weekly Hypnobabies classes in Gunnison, so she patted her husband, Evan Richardson, and said maybe he should put her in hypnosis.

Nah, he said, drifting back to sleep. It’s not time. 051312_2a_oops_190x250.jpg

But Miranda, 25, just knew. She’d had a baby before — their 2-year-old, Jonah, was asleep in his nearby room — and she trusted her intuition. As the Hypnobabies course trained her to do, she did self-hypnosis and felt just fine.

She called her friend and her mother-in-law and told them she’d be having the baby that day, but there was no rush.

But mother’s intuition is a mysterious thing. Her mother-in-law just knew, too, and came over immediately, anyway. She got Jonah ready and Miranda, grudgingly, sent him off with a kiss. Miranda’s friend pulled up as they were leaving.

Miranda wasn’t in pain, she said. The hypnosis dulled the contractions, so she didn’t realize how close they were together. But hey! Yikes! Two minutes apart!

Evan sprang into action. Get the car! Get Miranda downstairs! Get to the hospital!

She calmly told him she needed to go to the bathroom first, so he and her friend helped her in. And that’s when she felt the head. And a little shoulder.

Um, Evan? The baby’s coming. Right now.

A quick, 9 a.m. call to 911, then Evan helped her crouch right there on the bathroom floor. Miranda’s friend, somehow, knew how to guide the baby out. When the EMTs arrived at 9:07 a.m., Miranda was cradling little Jude Richardson.

“I just felt so calm the whole time,” Miranda recalled, remembering Jonah’s natural birth in the hospital and its accompanying pain and anxiety.

The EMTs helped her deliver the placenta and clamp the cord, and sooner than would seem possible, she, Evan and Jude were sitting on the couch under the living room picture window.

The morning sun glowed gold on the small family as Miranda reflected on life’s surprises and its gifts, and on the enduring miracle of motherhood.



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