Course MH: Medical Hypnotherapy 28 Nov – 3 Dec 2016

This course teaches classic hypnotherapy and the best evidence-supported modern methods for health benefits and to assist clients suffering from physical conditions diagnosed and treated with conventional Western medicine. You learn the use of analytical hypnotherapy to uncover psychological factors involved in various psychosomatic conditions or that contribute to various physical health problems.These methods enable you to help clients understand and heal emotional conflicts much quicker and more effectively than outdated counselling and psychotherapy methods.
You learn to help clients overcome fears of medical treatments and to cope more effectively with discomfort, stress and various psychological reactions to medical treatments.  You also learn powerful methods for the management of stress and dealing with stress-related illnesses.  This course teaches advanced methods of pain management, both acute and chronic pain, and the applications of hypnosis in surgical operations, as demonstrated in several films by Dr. John Butler, including HypnoSurgery Live, a live demonstration of surgical anaesthesia using hypnosis alone.

Major topics in Course MH include:

• Understand and utilise the scientific principles explaining the influence of unconscious/subconscious processes on the body
• Advanced skills in medical applications of hypnotherapy, including analytical hypnotherapy and specialised programming
• Hypnotic analgesia and anaesthesia, including assisting with surgical pain
• Hypnosis for various health applications – management of chronic pain, assisting with physical health and recovery post-surgery, and with various psychosomatic conditions
• Hypnotherapy for physical well-being and assisting healing mechanisms
• Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to specific medical treatments and procedures

Further details at

6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition.

Cost: £650 (includes course materials).

Training with HTI 

With HTI you study in-depth the methods of the most effective therapists in the history of hypnotherapy while learning skills and methods from an expert who has over 25 years of provable teaching experience and over 35 years of genuine clinical experience.  Dr. John Butler has worked with thousands of clients and hypnotherapists to help them achieve their goals and has been recognised as an expert in dozens of unsolicited media interviews, on TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

He has also been employed as a performance enhancement lecturer by major corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, BUPA and others.  He is the clinical author of the highly popular book “Secrets of Hypnotherapy”, written for the general population, published by Dorling Kindersley.  At HTI we have over 26 years of training Hypnotherapists and Hypnotherapy Instructors so we know what you need to be an effective hypnotherapist.  We are a serious training organisation with a distinguished pedigree of training hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy instructors.

We do not cut corners or spend your time and money on teaching you trivial techniques, unnecessary theory, dubious “breakthrough innovations” based on personal claims or rely on temporary feel-good tricks and other inadequate content to substitute for real teaching.  Our training is founded on hands-on, practical hypnosis skills augmented by the best knowledge that is evidence-supported from the very best sources.  Our methods are vastly more advanced than the “relaxation and script-reading” and other diluted methods that are frequently passed off as hypnotherapy.

Training with HTI allows you to achieve accreditation not only with numerous registers and accrediting organisations that exist in the self-regulation field of hypnotherapy in the UK but also with various other organisations outside the UK who require lengthier training in clinical hypnotherapy than is common in “lay” hypnotherapy in the UK.  From August 2015 to August 2016  HTI has conducted training in Turkey, Hungary, India, USA, Germany as well as many courses in our home base of the UK.

The purpose of HTI is to help spread the clinical practice and the teaching of high-quality Hypnotherapy internationally and firmly establish the profession of Hypnotherapy as a serious profession in the UK and worldwide.


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