How presidential candidates are using hypnosis techniques to persuade voters


Posted 9:57 AM, April 21, 2016, by PIX11 News


The five remaining presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to get people’s votes. They are even using hypnosis techniques.

Jeffrey Rose, clinical hypnotist, talked about how these candidates are using hypnosis techniques to persuade voters.

Hypnosis: involves inducing deep relaxation coupled with heightened alertness, while engaging the faculty of the imagination and softened analytic faculty, coupled with the power of suggestion.
First rate politicians routinely employ these techniques.
Covert hypnosis: means altering the way people think and behave in a disguised or masked way.

Pacing and Leading: is the idea to meet the subject where they are so that you can move them to where they want to be. Pacing and leading needs rapport to be successful.

Anchoring: influencing how a particular stimulus will influence someone’s state of mind.

Repetition: produces positive reinforcement and in turn creates reality, the more it is used the more real the idea becomes for the listener.

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