You learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis to change yourself and to help others.  Acquire confidence and competence in hypnosis by studying a serious training course.  You learn self-hypnosis for self-development and personal goals.  

This is an opportunity to learn real hypnosis on an intensive, hands-on training programme.  Discover the amazing power of hypnosis to powerfully influence yourself and others.  This course is packed with effective hypnotic methods so you can confidently induce testable hypnotic states in your clients.  You learn to apply hypnosis effectively for a great variety of common problems seen by hypnotherapists and coaches.

You also learn self-hypnosis for personal development and achieving life goals.  Dr. John Butler has taken self-hypnosis to levels that few have done, having used self-hypnosis as a sole anaesthetic in surgery and for many powerful mind-body applications and he has taught these skills to many others.  Guidance is given in running self-hypnosis group classes, for stress management, childbirth and many other areas.

A certificate of successful course completion is granted on completing the course.

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Dr. John Butler has been a hypnotherapist for over 35 years, and has an extensive international teaching career.  He studied many psychological therapy systems including extensive training and co-teaching with Gil Boyne, and undertaken neurological research and taught in medical education for over 20 years.  His work has received high-level media attention including hypnotizing His work has received high-level media attention including a ground-breaking live hypnosis for anaesthesia and rapid recovery of a surgical patient performed on television.



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