Transforming Therapy® The radical short term approach to hypnotherapy – Cologne, Germany

   In April 2016 Dr. John Butler will hold a 2 day intensive workshop on Transforming Therapy.Transforming Therapy is the seminal hypnosis methodology developed by Gil Boyne after he studied with Fritz Perls.

Hardly any other method has had more influence on modern hypnotherapy. It has been often copied, never reached.

Gil Boyne’s method has influenced thousands of hypnotists and hypnotherapy trainers. His influence is still very present in many schools who teach analytical hypnosis and regression.

Dr. John Butler worked with Gil Boyne for over 25 years. He may be the currently most knowledgeable expert on Transforming Therapy.

He is Gil Boyne’s successor and currently the person who teaches Transforming Therapy as it was designed.

Anybody who has studied analytical hypnosis, regress to cause (R2C) techniques, forgiveness techniques and other cathartic methods, will find this workshop an eye opener.

Dr. John Butler is a medical doctor who works as hypno-anethtesist, he lectures at various colleges in th UK, he is the CEO of Westwood Publishing. He teaches advanced Hypnotherapy and Transforming Therapy throughout the world.


R2C – Regress To Cause

Transforming Therapy contains one of the most effective applications of Analytical Hypnotherapy we currently know of.

Also known as Regress To Cause (R2C), Analytical Hypnosis enables us to resolve issues of our clients where they originated, instead of covering them up. R2C is one part of the Transforming Therapy Framework, Gil Boyne developed since the 1950’s.


In this seminal workshop you will learn how R2C works as an integral part to sustainabyl solve your client’s issues.



Holistic Analytical Hypnosis

Transforming Therapy is a holistic analytical approach with regression work (regress to cause) as part of it. While regression work is integral, the analytical part of Transforming Therapy takes a much broader approach than in other hypnotherapy frameworks.



At the center of Transforming Therapy, catharsis plays a major role. If you have wondered how you may apply catharsis properly in your hypnosis sessions, you will find your answers in Transforming Therapy.


Transforming Therapy – Often Copied, never reached

Transforming Therapy has influenced many hypnotists and hypnotherapy schools throughout the world, in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and also here in Germany.This course with Dr. John Butler offers the first opportunity here in Germany to learn the whole integral, holistic system Transforming Therapy provides – in they manner it was originally designed.


Reach a new level

With this course You will learn a radical short term approach to hypnotherapy unlike any other method in its entirety.This approach allows you to reach a new level of proficiency and understanding.

You will be able to help your client to transform themselves as never before. And most important, you will also understand how the parts of the method work together.

  • 23 April
  •  Axel Hombach NOJ Hypnose & Coaching
  •   – 50668 – Cologne – Germany
  •  Axel Hombach NOJ Hypnose & Coaching

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