What is HypnoGenesis all about?

Hypnogenesis – def/ The induction of an hypnotic state (concise Oxford dictionary).

Hypnotherapist at workThe art and science of hypnosis is at once both old and new. Old, because it was used in ancient times, although the modern word ‘hypnosis’ was coined only in the 19th century. New, because it is really only over the past 100 years has it been subject to the full force of scientific scrutiny. Nowadays it is accepted that unconscious / subconscious mind, emotions and personal history directly affect the current state of mental, emotional and physical health. The medical profession as a whole is gradually moving from symptom based therapy to a more holistic approach where originating causes and emotional balance are addressed as part of treatment. 

The aim of this online magazine is to present hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a useful technique with which to effect rapid therapeutic effects, especially when dealing with behavioural changes and disease of a psychogenic origin.

We will also attempt to ‘de-mystify’ hypnosis for those readers who have been subject to the hypnotic forces of television, cinema and certain types of fiction, which often present hypnosis as some form magical will power or trickery, when this is very far from the truth. 




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