HTI of Turkey – Update

1476216_599980850101758_5931452963498320511_nBHTI of Turkey taught a new contingent of enthusiastic hypnotherapy students in January.

Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy 8-13 January, 2015

This advanced analytical hypnotherapy course teaches many specialised skills for dealing with the subconscious, non-rational processes involved in emotional and behavioural problems without committing to years of ineffective therapy. This course teaches the student to deal with the emotional problems that are rooted in the past which by proper understanding and changing the response to the causes at the deep subconscious level it is possible to become free of them and to implement new patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

   Therapeutic Transformation 15-20 January, 2015

10933692_600897213343455_4107276349628296468_nB Learn dynamic hypnosis to effect personal change in yourself and clients. The course introduces the students to the exciting world of hypnosis and the phenomena of hypnosis and suggestion. It teaches how the power and potential of hypnosis can be used to create change in human nature. Successful completion of this module enables the student to practise hypnotherapy effectively to address common problems with many individuals, including smoking cessation, weight loss, unwanted behaviours, stress management, performance enhancement, teaching self-hypnosis, etc.

“There will be further classes running in Istanbul in April”.

10802049_600251120074731_4070547407891789413_nBThese will include a Medical Hypnotherapy course and a Foundation Course.

Further information can be found at:

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