Course 4: Medical Hypnotherapy

Teaches powerful hypnotic methods for health benefits, assisting with various psychosomatic problems and for pain management including effective anaesthesia used in invasive surgeries.
The use of hypnotherapy to assist with various physical problems that have psychological roots and to help with problems that are exacerbated by psychological factors, including stressors is taught to students. This course teaches advanced methods of pain management, both acute and chronic pain and the applications of hypnosis in surgical operations, as demonstrated in several films by John Butler, including HypnoSurgery Live

Outline of the course:

In this course the focus is on learning methods to address various psychosomatic health issues. Students learn to assist clients suffering from physical conditions diagnosed and treated with conventional Western medicine. They learn the use of analytical hypnotherapy to uncover psychological factors involved in various psychosomatic conditions or that exacerbate various physical health problems. In-depth principles and methods of medical hypnotherapy for health benefits, including assistance with maintenance of health are learned. Trainees learn to assist clients to deal with stigma and many psychological problems arising from particular illnesses. Students learn to help clients overcome fears of particular medical treatments and to cope more effectively with discomfort, stress and various psychological reactions to medical treatments. Students learn a comprehensive and powerful approach to the management of stress and dealing with stress-related illnesses.

Hypnoanaesthesia methods are learned for pain management with clients suffering from chronic pain or to help with pain associated with surgery or childbirth. Trainees learn the many benefits of HypnoSurgery, the use of hypnosis in surgical operations, for example, overcoming pre-operative anxiety, assisting the body to cope with the demands of chemical anaesthetics and surgery, pain management, assisting with healing and recovery, etc. Students undertake in-depth study of filmed cases of hypnotherapy methods applied to the treatment of medical conditions.

6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition. Cost: £650 (includes course materials).

Major topics in course 4 include:

• Understanding the influence of the subconscious mind on the body
• Advanced skills in medical applications of hypnotherapy
• Hypnotic analgesia and anaesthesia, including assisting with surgical pain
• Hypnosis for various health applications – management of chronic pain, assisting with physical health and recovery post-surgery, and with various psychosomatic conditions
• Hypnotherapy for physical well-being and assisting healing mechanisms
• Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to specific medical treatments and procedures


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