Next Course: Course 3: Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy – London


22 – 27 September 2014

HTI is holding its next training in Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy in Central London on 22nd September for 6 days.  You learn an intensive and comprehensive hypnotherapy approach that addresses the subconscious levels of clients’ issues in addition to cognitive aspects of psychological problems.  The course teaches powerful classical hypnosis methods and the best of modern developments in the field.  You acquire in-depth training in Gil Boyne’s “Transforming Therapy” system.  Gil Boyne trained with Dr. Frederick Perls and many of the most renowned therapists in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  Gil Boyne taught at HTI for several years prior to his passing in 2010. This course goes far beyond the suggestion therapy, basic metaphysical or counselling methods of many hypnosis courses.

This advanced analytical hypnotherapy course teaches many specialised skills for dealing with the subconscious, non-rational processes involved in emotional and behavioural problems without committing to years of ineffective therapy. This course teaches the student to deal with the emotional problems that are rooted in the past which by proper understanding and changing the response to the causes at the deep subconscious level it is possible to become free of them and to implement new patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Outline of the course:

Our in-depth hypnotherapy training teaches advanced analytical hypnotherapy to overcome subconscious self-sabotaging patterns and create major therapeutic change. Powerful analytical hypnotherapy skills taught on the course include highly effective uncovering and age regression procedures, gestalt dialogues, dynamic reprogramming procedures and an array of methods to reveal and change unhealthy subconscious scripts at the root of psychological and behavioural problems. These methods deal directly with deep human emotional and meaning systems. A key requirement of major therapeutic change consists of processing and integrating therapeutically the effects of clients’ negative life events so that closure is achieved and the client can move forward effectively.

This course eliminates old limiting beliefs about the mind and its potential and provides the student with methods far in advance of the “relaxation and script-reading” forms of hypnotherapy taught in most brief hypnotherapy courses. The latter approach is a very superficial form of suggestion therapy, that at best provides only limited benefits that are frequently transient for many psychological problems. These courses do not teach the sophisticated procedures of advanced analytical hypnotherapy. These methods are also not to be confused with some forms of “hypnoanalysis” that deal with subconscious problems in a much more superficial manner.

We are the only training body in the UK approved and licensed to teach Transforming TherapyTM, the analytical hypnotherapy system developed by Gil Boyne. All of the powerful, radical methods of hypnotherapy developed by Gil Boyne in almost 50 years of practice, study and teaching are included in the training programme.

Students acquire greater understanding of the dynamics of therapeutic change and learn advanced principles of therapeutic decision making. The trainee learns to maximize motivation and commitment to goals of therapy and to deal with inhibitions on therapeutic change due to secondary gains or other reasons.


6 days intensive training providing 50 hours of classroom tuition. Cost: £650 (includes course materials)

Major topics in course 3 include:

• Advanced methods of analytical hypnotherapy, including specialist training in Transforming Therapy TM
• Making therapeutic decisions, selection of methods and matching to client’s needs
• Understanding the dynamics of therapeutic change, developing commitment and readiness for change
• Advanced hypnotherapy for enhancing creativity and performance in many fields
• Development of a successful hypnotherapy practice, including ethical and legal issues



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