MIRACLES ON DEMAND: By Charles Tebbets


RECOGNIZING THE STATE OF HYPNOSIS: The subject becomes extremely relaxed and slow diaphragm breathing is usually noted. The pulse rate slows down and the eyes often tear, or the whites of the eyes become reddened. The eyelids often flutter and the eyeballs roll upward. The face relaxes to an expressionless appearance called the “hypnotic mask.” As the lungs relax, the subject expel the air form his lungs in what is called the “hypnotic sigh.” The subject becomes highly responsive to suggestion and direction, and although he can be selective in the suggestions he will accept or reject, he tends to carry out any suggestion that he doesn’t mind accepting. All of theses signs of hypnosis do not occur in every subject, but they are all sings of either entering or being in a trance state. (p 31)

Hypnotherapy also works on the principle that most diseases are psychosomatic and are chose subconsciously to escape from a situation the client perceives as an overload of stress. The mental stress caused by destructive emotions such as anger, hatred, resentment or fear often impair the functioning of the body’s immune system and is therefore the indirect cause of physical illness. (p 51)

UNCOVERING TECHNIQUES: There are four steps in the elimination of a symptom by the uncovering methods: (1) The memory by which the symptom is provoked must be brought into conscious awareness. (2) The feelings with which it is associated must be re-experienced. (3) The relationship of the symptom to the memory must occur which allows the client to make future decisions unencumbered by the repressed material. (p 68)


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