Self Hypnosis to Tame the Stress Monster

Michael J. Porter, Jr., ChT

stress monster autumn blissResearchers and physicians agree – chronic stress is probably the key factor in almost every major disease. Why? Because stress puts undue strain on the immune system. We’ve all experienced the stress response: adrenaline pumps into the blood stream, along with an abundance of sugar and fatty acids, and suddenly you have a surge of energy. Your heart pounds, pupils dilate, muscles tense and breathing accelerates – you are now in the throes of a “fight or flight reaction.”

While we are all veterans of these occasional extreme stress responses, most people don’t know that up to fifty times a day we have emotional stress that trigger the fight or flight reaction in our bodies. Other factors that contribute to stress on the body include toxic food additives, high-sugar and low-fiber foods, stimulants such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks, and insufficient sleep.

Imagine the affect on the body when, on a daily basis, and up to fifty times a day, the adrenal glands are stimulated to secrete stress hormones and excessive sugar and fatty acids are dumped into the bloodstream. Even when the stressful situation is weeks or months behind you, the physical consequences of that stress response remain.

Consequences of Chronic Stress are Many and Varied

For years stress was known as a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes. What most people don’t know is that stress forces the body to quickly use up its supply of nutrients through increased cellular activity. The stress response also makes the body acidic, which depletes calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. In addition to calcium, other mineral stores are depleted, including magnesium, a cofactor for hundreds of enzymes.

The acidic state created by stress can affect your digestion as well. Some experience a decrease in appetite, but others may feel hunger pangs. Unfortunately, people will often turn to stimulants such as coffee and soft drinks, or chemical-laden junk foods or sweets, adding more stress to an already overtaxed system.

When we are going through stressful periods in our lives, we are usually even less likely to take time out for ourselves. We make food choices based on convenience, opting for fast and processed foods over well-balanced meals. Just when our bodies need rest and rejuvenation the most, we push ourselves to the maximum.

So how do you combat the dreaded stress monster? Here is the top stress-busting tip that can help keep your body in balance, even when life seems to be at its craziest.

Stress Buster Tip of the Day:

Take regular periods for rest and rejuvenation with self hypnosis

We now know that twenty to thirty minutes in a state of self hypnosis can be equivalent to three or four hours of restful sleep. When you self hypnotize, you achieve a state of deep relaxation and your body has the chance to eliminate excess adrenaline, return cellular activity to normal, and go back to a more balanced Ph. Hypnosis can also give your brain necessary downtime to sort and store information. You arise from your self-hypnosis session with clearer thinking, improved short and long-term memory, and better concentration. And, because you feel rested and refreshed, you are likely to enjoy a more optimistic attitude and cheerful disposition.

Best of all, people who regularly practice self help hypnosis report that it adds hours to their day. And improved concentration and increased energy lets you accomplish more with less time.

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Image by: Autumn Bliss


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